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Cultivating the Power of Art, Nature, and Community. A creative production company educating organic seasonal agriculture through sustainable development design and creative showcasing.

"ArtisTREE Gardens provides sustainable design planning, organic nourishment, and immersive
entertainment for your special occasions as it supports our mission to advance sustainability
education, community wellness, and local arts and entertainment in the Tampa Bay area.”


On A Mission.

ArtisTREE Gardens is a feasibility showcase of how we can educate others in our community about developing property with culture and permaculture in mind. We will showcase our local creatives and artisans through sensory experiences that tell the tale of how we as people can leave a carbonless yet bountiful footprint behind. With renewable energy sources, regenerative agricultural practices, and creatively curated moments, we will be connecting communities through learning and living.

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Through community art and organics we are developing an existing piece of real estate into an
outdoor creative venue powered by seasonal harvests using sustainable regenerative
agriculture strategies. ArtisTREE Gardens aims to create and consult on developing organic
garden systems for our clients and partners year round. We curate and produce immersive
experiences we like to call; gardinners, that blend art and local cuisine from our on site harvests
and our community supported agricultural partner farms and sister gardens. We help service
clients interested in installing and maintaining beehives, while producing permaculture-based
local cuisine for onsite and offsite creative dining experiences. Simultaneously, we will continue
to develop the space into a curated studio arts park renaissancing an artist retreat and sound

Want to learn more about what ArtisTREE Gardens offers? Contact us today or visit our Instagram @artistreegardens! We look forward to projects and concepts that arise from a future venture with you.



Exceeding Your Expectations.

By collaborating with local makers, growers, and creators, ArtisTREE Gardens incorporates community wisdom and artistry into each guest experience. This grassroots approach not only supports the surrounding Tampa Bay community but it also enlightens our guests on the diversity of goods and services available in the region. Collaborating with our network of local vendors and providing more nutrient dense goods grown onsite, ArtisTREE Gardens also provides guests with the freshest ingredients and a low-impact seasonal menu. It is our guarantee that all events are designed to meet the client expectations while also looking out for the wellbeing of the community and the planet.


Nick Ewing
Connect. Create. Cultivate.

5501 Martin Lane
Tampa, Florida 33617
United States


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Upcoming Events

ArtisTREE Gardens at Meachum Urban Farms
ArtisTREE Gardens at Meachum Urban Farms
Apr 06, 2024, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Meachum Urban Farms,
1108 E Scott St, Tampa, FL 33602, USA


Ample parking is available for ArtisTREE Gardens and is located adjacent to the property at the Corporate Square Office Park. *Guests can park anywhere around buildings 400, 500, and 700.* After parking, attendees may enter through the east side of the property through a private gate.
We also have the direct entrance and main gate into the property with parking available on site at 5501 Martin Lane.
If there are any questions about entering the property or parking, please contact Nick Ewing at 813-624-3259.

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